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"La créativité dans tous ses états"

La créativité dans tous ses états
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ON Running

ON Running is the Swiss brand that made the headlines in 2021: a turnover of +720 million, the Wall Street stock market listing and the publicized arrival of Roger Federer within the management. We collaborate with the company on the continuous improvement of their user experience and their digital brand experience.

Digital Experience, E-Commerce, User Experience, Agile


Brunner is a world leader in high-end professional furniture. Since 2019, we have been working with Brunner UK on their entire digital and marketing ecosystem. The numbers and performance are on point and their website is continuously evolving.

Digital Experience, Online Marketing, Showroom

EHC - Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte

The EHC is the largest medical group in the Morges to Nyon region with 18 medical establishments and 1,761 employees. We worked on a major project: the redesign of all the group's sites to create the best possible web experience for their patients.

User Experience, Ergonomics, Web, Design


Le bureau me

With the restrictions that punctuated the COVID-19 pandemic, we missed the office. Because we were not always able to work in an open space, or to eat at the cafeteria, we created a microsite to bring a little piece of the office home...

Digital Experience, PR, Video & Content


Young Creatives

With ECAL and photographer Anoush Abrar, we created a completely innovative interactive experience featuring the artistic project "The Young Creatives" : a technological and disruptive work of art. This project has been awarded internationally by numerous juries.

Web, Design, Sound Design, Digital Experience


Ricochets, a Linkedin specialists company, was looking for a creative way to end the year and planned to share exclusive content with its audience. Then again, at the end of the year, who doesn't like the surprises of an Advent calendar? The calendar in the form of a highly interactive site was therefore born for the occasion and initiated very positive feedback.

Communication, Web, Advertising



An innovative streaming platform, Kavea is revolutionizing the distribution of high-quality local content while supporting creators. We worked on different aspects of the user experience and designed a modular Design System, which allowed the startup to evolve in an agile way with its project.

Design System, User Experience


ISL - International School of Lausanne

A recognized international school located on the heights of Lausanne, the ISL wanted to work on its acquisition channels. We collaborated with her on the positioning and the offer of a particular segment to then design a funnel and deploy a digital acquisition campaign. Tailor-made landing page, messaging and illustration work was carried out.

Digital Marketing, Communication

M&BD Consulting SA

With major projects on the horizon and the desire to evolve, M&BD needed to clarify its positioning and brand strategy. We conceptualized the visual identity of the company so that it expresses the DNA and the values ​​of M&BD on all its points of contact. The site has been completely redesigned to meet the needs of their markets.

Branding, Digital Strategy, UX, Content


EHL - l'École Hôtelière de Lausanne

We collaborated with the prestigious school to explore, imagine and design the services of the future. This has resulted in various innovation, service design, branding, user experience and communication projects.

Branding, Design, User Experience, Communication, Innovation


Bilan is the benchmark Swiss business magazine. We have created several tailor-made interactive experiences for Bilan. Each interactive microsite has received numerous international Web Design and UX awards.

Web, Design, UX-UI

École Club Migros

The Ecole Club Migros, a training center with multiple offers, wanted to carry out an analysis of the digital buyer journey and their user experience. A local and international benchmark was carried out in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as a study of analytics and users. This work led to a report of recommendations and a presentation.

User Experience, Client Journey, Digital Marketing

J. Hopenstand

A cutting-edge leather goods brand, J.Hopenstand revolutionized the world of made-to-measure businesses by being among the pioneers who launched an e-commerce. We have created a site that benefits from an innovative user experience and design. It is now possible to create millions of combinations for each product, which makes it unique.

E-commerce, Design, Web, User Experience



The international company specializing in IT for aviation companies was looking to lay a common ground of discourse for one of its major divisions. We brought our neutral perspective to federate the vision of the teams and sketch out a whole new story. Starting from the brand’s storytelling, we developed several communication media.

Branding, Communication

NF Ingénieurs Conseils SA

NF Ingénieurs Conseils SA reviewed its image and wanted to have a website in line with the dynamism of the firm. Coming with many high-profile engineering references, we translated those references onto the most important touchpoint and created a site that provides a dynamic web presence.



Capitalium Advisors SA

Capitalium Advisors SA is a rapidly expanding wealth management company that makes the process extremely transparent and efficient. This is what we translated on the main external contact point, by creating a new brand image and an innovative presentation website.

Branding, Web



Wakun is an innovative startup in the field of influencers platforms. We designed for them a whole new user experience and a whole new design.

Web design, User Experience

Even more projects

Over the years, we have worked on +83 projects. Here are some previews and archives.

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