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A B2B brand relationship is like a human relationship (6 main principles)

Everyone is familiar with the concept of relationship. Friendly, romantic or professional, all must be maintained or even fed. Your brand is no exception and becoming aware of a few mechanisms will allow you to increase the added value of your project.

The weight of a relationship

Not all relationships carry the same weight. The latter is defined by the value and importance that is attached to it, and that statement has never been as true as it is today. Do you have to interrupt us as little as possible? Or should we represent your passion?

Time and its interactions

A relationship is never fixed. It is created and built over time and thanks to a clever relationship between quantity and quality of interactions. It will always evolve, one way or the other, depending on how we decide together to take care of it. Like a muscle, your brand's relationship with its audience will progress according to the frequency of their interactions.

Humans at the heart of digital technology

In an ever more digital world, we all remain human and sensitive. What can be automated and simplified will be, but authenticity and warmth should remain at the center of discussions. People appreciate physical or embodied exchanges all the more, in an industry that is becoming more and more distant.

Freedom and reciprocity

You can't force anyone. The most effective way to invest your efforts will be to provide your consumers with elements to invite them to get involved. If you want something from them, then you need to find the best way to stimulate them.

The cost of change

Novelty, in whatever form it may be, requires energy. For any change, the energy we are ready to invest is relative to our motivation for what is proposed. Overcoming habits and resistance to transformations then becomes essential.

Human nature

There are a plethora of mechanisms and notions that make it possible to understand and motivate decisions: motivation, fear, desire, habits, change, neuroscience, trust, pleasure, etc... The list is long and the more extensive yours is, the more you will know how to adapt to your interlocutor.