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B2B marketing to support your business challenges

B2B challenges

Our tailor-made approach to tackle every aspects of your strategy


Become (and remain) visible and shine in your markets

B2B communication is growing in an increasingly digital world, making it possible to reach more people. There is so much to communicate and value.

The key is to develop your leadership and strengthen your credibility, while providing value.

With an often long buying journey, staying on the radar is key in your markets. Not to mention that communication makes it possible to reach many interesting audiences for your company (talents, partners, media, investors... etc.).

  • Content and communication strategy
  • Communication campaign
  • Social networks
  • Channel management
  • Audiovisual production
  • Content creation/design
  • Communication media
  • Search, emailing, web
  • Employer brand
  • Creative actions

Lead generation & conversion

Capture the interest and demands from prospects in your markets to nurture relationships

We work alongside you to develop and execute lead generation campaigns using a combination of channels and content at various stages of the target buying journey.

  • Setting up a campaign
  • Data capture
  • Digital channels (search, social networks)
  • Partnership, co-campaign
  • Inbound marketing
  • Landing page
  • Lead capture strategy
  • Conversion optimization

Sales enablement

Boost and support your sales team with marketing so that they perform at their best

How do you turn marketing into a true sales team partner? How do you best align marketing and sales?

Your sales team needs something to approach customers intelligently and then something to exchange, present and convince. They have key information from the field to report and must keep up to date on various marketing elements (launch, evolution, qualification...).

Processes are also necessary within your sales team in order to train, engage and share best practices and resources.

  • Sales support and materials
  • Sales team training
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Installations and event stands
  • Sales pitch
  • CRM
  • Account-based marketing

Funnel & CRM

Make all your efforts fruitful and mature your current and future relationships

What's the point in trying so hard without thinking about how you're going to nurture and monitor all these audiences?

People will quickly forget you even though their B2B buying journey is long.

Behind your appearances and interventions, where and how will you continue the relationship with your audiences? How not to send your sales force too soon?

In B2B, the challenges related to CRM and the funnel are very important. Not to mention a technical solution, there is a lot of work to do to think about your ecosystem and the management of your various audiences.

  • Web site
  • Buying journey
  • Digital platforms
  • Analytics & data
  • CRM
  • Landing page
  • Marketing automation

Market & Strategy

Analyze and make the right choices about your global strategy, markets and positioning

Know what to do, but more importantly, why.

The question is vast and complex in b2b with all the marketing possibilities to intelligently prioritize your strategy. And this can go as far as questioning your positioning or your marketing organization.

  • Products, targets, markets, competitors
  • Training and inspiration
  • Marketing/commercial strategy and plan
  • Buying journey
  • Marketing audit
  • Branding and identity
  • Performance indicators
  • Strategic partnership

Our expertise

Three pillars to answer your needs: Strategy, Content & Creation, Digital

A strategic look at the crucial elements that make your success: Positioning, offer, purchase path, marketing and communication plan, business development and sales force.

B2B Strategy

  • Global Audit
  • Communication strategy
  • Media plan
  • User experience
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Editorial plan
  • Digital strategy
  • Branding and positioning
  • Sales enablement

For content that matches your expertise and to reach your audiences. We design the right materials at the right time to optimize your sales journey.

Content & Creativity

  • Content strategy
  • Writing & editorial
  • Photo & Video
  • Sound creation
  • Sales material
  • Searches
  • Design & graphics
  • Website & landing pages
  • Printed media
  • Emailing and newsletter

Your website and digital marketing at the service of your performance. We guarantee an optimal return on investment by constantly monitoring and optimizing the actions taken.


  • Natural referencing (SEO)
  • Social networks
  • Conversion optimization
  • Digital & media campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Paid referencing (SEA)
  • CRM
  • Website & landing pages
  • Tracking & analytics
  • Marketing automation

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