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The B2Bible: Dive into the heart of B2B marketing thanks to the essential Swiss made guide

With its unique ground of SMEs and innovative companies, Switzerland is a highly B2B country. But how to ensure growth in this very particular world? How to get noticed, grow a brand, build relationship of trust, conclude a transaction and evolve with the challenges of digital ?

The B2Bible gives you the keys to navigate the complex and interdisciplinary world of B2B marketing.

+90 leaders involved

The B2Bible is the first reference book on B2B marketing in Switzerland. And because no one knows B2B better than B2B experts, to conduct our research we collaborated with more than 90 company directors and specialists in the sector. Throughout the book, they share their vision, their advice, their experience.

The objective is clear. Faced with the rapid evolution of marketing and the specificities of B2B, it is essential that communication, marketing, sales and management pull the same rope. This is also what the B2Bible is for: establishing a common strategic language that is both intuitive and effective, generating maximum synergy within the company.

The B2Bible is therefore for everyone — managers, marketing and sales managers, marketing specialists but also HR, engineers and project managers. Because everyone is ultimately involved in selling, directly or indirectly.

A practical guide for a global vision

Do you like methods that get straight to the point? So do we. The book method is designed to be lightweight, accessible, and flexible. It is organized into 5 blocks, each focused on a fundamental aspect of B2B marketing. Discover key concepts, case studies, checklists, and practical tips.

To B2B or not to be?

Between B2C and B2B, there is much more than one letter of difference. The challenges and techniques of B2B marketing are not the same as those of general marketing. And the rapid evolution of digital technology is only making everything more complex.

- Business-oriented : unlike B2C marketing that focuses on the needs and desires of individual consumers, B2B focuses on the needs, problems and decision-making processes of businesses.
- Personalized approach : B2B marketing requires a more direct and personal approach. Long-standing relationships and partnerships are what make the difference.
- Longer sales cycles : in B2B, the purchasing processes are more complex and the amounts are higher. So it takes a lot longer to close a deal. Decisions are often made after careful consideration and consultation.
- And in Switzerland? In our country even more than elsewhere, B2B specialists favor close relationships, the irreproachable quality of services and products, and a great openness to technological innovations.

“As fast as you can and as slowly as you need to.”
Without knowing it, Alain Berset defined in one sentence the great challenge of customer acquisition in B2B marketing.

The 95% rule

Did you know that? According to a study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, only one out of twenty B2B prospects is actively looking to make a purchase. In short, businesses that want to generate a sale are now struggling to capture the attention of only 5% of buyers.

The big challenge: working on the remaining 95%. To ensure your long-term growth and profitability, it is essential to reach prospects who are not ready to buy today but who will be potential buyers tomorrow. Hence the importance, among other things, of investing in your brand and your communication in order to build relationships of trust. Discover these insights and more in the B2Bible.

The B2Bible will be released in broad daylight in September 2024

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