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Branding for a leader in medical imaging optimization.

Branding, Digital, Marketing

Intellimed, a leader in medical imaging optimization in French-speaking Switzerland, approached us to refresh their brand identity.

In a sector where precision and trust are paramount, it was essential to assert their market leadership position. The goal was to highlight their innovative capabilities, inspire confidence, and convey a professional image that reflects their expertise and values: Swiss precision, continuous optimization, and a commitment to progress.


We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding process that included a thorough analysis of values, goals, and perceptions of existing and potential clients. This analysis formed the foundation for developing a new visual identity, including a brand new logo and color palette reflecting their values, along with communication guidelines to ensure consistency across all channels. Additionally, we refined and simplified how their offerings are communicated, emphasizing personalization and the quality of customer service.

Alongside the visual overhaul, we crafted a brand-new website tailored to their target audience, boasting optimized architecture and user experience. Reflecting their updated branding, the site features a professional design that is intuitive, streamlined, and direct. Accessing crucial information about their services and products has never been easier. Furthermore, equipped with cutting-edge security technologies and optimized for peak performance, the website ensures a secure online presence and establishes a robust SEO foundation.


The rebranding project has transformed how the company is perceived by its clients and the market. By adopting an image that better reflects its Swiss quality values and commitment to innovation and precision, the company has strengthened its leadership position in the market.

The impact is measured not only by increased visibility and positive feedback from clients, but also by renewed clarity in communication and customer engagement, thereby solidifying its reputation for excellence in the medical imaging sector in Switzerland.