Brand Experience: the 4 main phases of a relationship

août 29, 2023
3 min read
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Every moment defines your brand. It's all about relationships. Relationships that we help you establish, build and grow according to your objectives. With us, you will find relevant questions rather than ready-made answers.

Our world moves fast, a lot has changed in a short time and rarely have we had so much choice. The flow of information, the means of communication and the platforms for exchange and debate have changed our behavior, our way of consuming, filtering and digesting everything we absorb.

To stand out, it is no longer enough to speak louder than the other. It is then a question of showing empathy, of subtlety. If you are expecting feedback from your market, your customers or your targets, we invite you to take them into still unexplored spheres. Extraordinary design, unexpected activations or striking modes of expression, they should not be able to ignore you any longer.

The 4 main phases of a relationship:

A breakdown often makes it possible to clarify on which phase(s) you wish to work.

Only one element is found in the 4 phases: your brand. It must be strong in every way and it may be worth working on it even more, regardless of the phase in which you find yourself. Whether it needs a complete redo or a reworking and fine-tuning of what already exists.

1 - Before meeting you / before switching to purchase mode

How will we hear from you? There are many clever ways to appear in the eyes of the general public, without initiating a sales intention from the start. This is about making an impact or finding a way to build relationships, especially in this stage which will focus on communication, tone and everything that will leave your audience with a good first impression.

2 - During the buying process

How does our buying journey start? What causes this departure? What will be the barriers to purchase? Is it easy to choose from your offer? Does your site act as a facilitator? All of these questions are paramount to ensuring a powerful online experience. You can increase the perceived value of products while increasing the desire for them. To minimize the risks of a commitment journey.

3 - When using your product/service

In the end, your product will be used, whether it is a platform, a consumable good or a physical service. It is  at that stage that your offer must generate the most added value, with a simplified and adapted experience. The key? Tailor-made service/product design, the implementation of new consumption habits or even new prospects for the evolution of uses.

4 - When the customer is already one

It is not because your customer has already consumed and purchased your goods or services that they should be neglected. It is logical. Your customers are not to be seduced and you will thus save considerable time in your relationship with them. Invest this energy to take them even further and to initiate even more ambitious projects. They have your trust, take advantage of it.

*We refer to the term customer which can include: your target, customer, prospect, audience, public or user.

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