A brand relationship is like a human relationship. Here is the proof in 6 main principles.

août 29, 2023
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Everyone is familiar with the notion of relationship. Whether friendly, loving or professional, every relationship needs to be maintained and nurtured. Your brand is no exception. Becoming aware of a few mechanisms will allow you to increase the added value of your project. 

The weight of a relationship

Not all relationships carry the same weight. The latter is defined by the value and importance attached to it. This statement has never been truer than it is today. Do you think you should interrupt us as little as possible? Or do you think we should be the advocates of your passions? Your choices and the way you see them define the weight of your relationships.

Time and its interactions

A relationship is never fixed. It is created, built over time thanks to a clever balance between the quantity and the quality of interactions. It will always evolve, one way or the other, depending on how we decide to invest in it. Like a muscle, your brand’s relationship with its audience will progress depending on the frequency and the quality of its interactions.

People at the heart of the digital world

In an increasingly digital world we remain human and sensitive. Whatever can be automated and simplified will be, but the authenticity and warmth at the core of a relationship should remain central. In an industry that is increasingly remote, people appreciate physical or embodied exchanges all the more.

Freedom and reciprocity

You cannot force anyone. The most effective way to invest in your brand relationships is to provide your users with elements that invite them to engage. If you want something from them, then you have to find the best way to stimulate them.

The cost of change

Novelty, in any form, requires energy. For any kind of change the energy we are willing to invest depends on how motivated we are by the project.Overcoming habits and our tendency to resist transformation is then essential.

Human nature

There are many mechanisms and notions that help us understand and explain decisions: motivation, fear, habits, change, neurosciences, trust, pleasure…The list goes on and on. And the longer your list is, the better you will be able to adapt your interactions with your interlocutors.

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